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Sweeper 2 + 2

Sweeper 2 + 2

KränzleUSA push sweeper sweeps flat hard surfaces quickly, both inside and out: warehouses, parking lots, sideways, and streets. Four rotating brushes are powered by the wheels as a person pushes the sweeper. The two curb brushes capture dirt on the edges and push it to the center where two contra-rotating brushes underneath scoop the dirt into the refuse bin. Filters keep dust from coming out of the bin.

Push faster and the brushes turn faster, making sweeping more effective. With a cleaning width of 31-1/2-inches, you can sweep 37,000 square feet per hour at a moderate pace. The 9 gallon refuse bin lifts off for easy disposal. This sweeper can picks up paper, bottles, cans, and dust - even water.

Measures: 26-inches length by 34-inches width by 16-inches height. Weight: 50 pounds. Plastic and metal finish.

Key Features

  • Sweep flat surfaces inside and out: warehouse, parking lot, sideways and streets
  • Four rotating brushes: two curb: two underneath
  • 31-1/2-inches cleaning width
  • Sweeps 37,000 square feet per hour
  • 9 gallon refuse bin lifts off for easy disposal


  • Part Number: 9750076

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